With the closure of most indoor live music venues, the venue owners, music promoters and musicians have to think of ways to provide live music outdoors while observing social distancing guidelines. Concerts in parking lots, open fields and in drive-in movie locations seem to be the answer and they are popping up all over the place. Concert goers drive their car to the venue and park in designated spaces to watch and listen to the concert.

SJJ Productions is not pursuing any parking lot concert opportunities at this time. As the Covid pandemic continues to affect the live music business, and as the weather changes in parts of the country, there may be opportunities for parking lot concerts in the warmer States. If, as predicted, the pandemic restrictions might still be in effect in 2021 the opportunities for parking lot concerts in the Northeast USA will be assessed at that time.

Feel free to use any information on this web site if you are considering parking lot concerts in your area.