Concert Logistics/Details

There are many details and logistics that go in to producing a parking lot concert, just as there are for any outdoor concert. ( Perhaps more, considering the impact of the Covid-19 virus. ) The following SJJ Productions concert plan describes what elements we feel are required for us to present the best experience for concert attendees in a parking lot.

SJJ Productions wants to work with businesses that will donate the use of their parking lot.  With the support of the parking lot owner, all SJJ Productions parking lot concerts will benefit a local charity or non-profit. After all concert expenses have been paid, the net revenue will be donated to the charity or non-profit.

Parking Lot Details

In order to cover the anticipated expenses and generate a suitable contribution to the selected charity, an SJJ Productions parking lot concert is best suited to a marked/striped parking lot with 150-200 spaces – it could be a business lot or a seasonally vacant lot ( ski area, college/school, other ).

A stage will be positioned at one end of the lot.

Most parking lots are laid out in double row sections with a travel lane between each section. The average width of a lined parking space is 9 feet, the average length is 18 feet.

Depending on number of spaces in each row of the lot and the number of rows, the concert parking lot will be configured to best combine adequate social distancing with unobstructed views.

Our suggestion for a possible configuration would be to give each car 3 spaces, for example: C is for Car, T/C is for Table/Chairs, V is for Vacant

First Row – C|T/C|V|C|T/C|V| – to the end of the row

Next Row – T/C|V|C|T/C|V|C – to the end of the row

This provides plenty of social distancing space and good viewing avenues.

In any configuration, attendees will have the choice of being in their cars or sitting outside in chairs to watch/listen to the concert.

There will be a space between the stage and the first row of cars.

Parking will be random, not in assigned spaces, with parking ushers parking lower cars in the front rows and taller cars towards the rear.

No buses, campers or RVs allowed in these car parking sections. A special section set up for them might be possible depending on space available.

The entrance and exit configuration will be designed for the specific space.

Engine idling of cars to run the AC is not permitted.

Attendees must stay in their car or in chairs by their car. No moving around is permitted ( except to visit the Port-a-John ).

Another possible configuration is pictured below, with people limited to being in their cars.

Suggested concert time

Weekend or week day – around 5-7 PM, to avoid the hottest part of the Summer day

Can be later if the parking lot has lighting.

Stage and sound provided by SJJ Productions

A portable stage with a professional sound system included, designed to give optimum sound quality to all parking spaces.

Power source – local or generator

Show Description and Musicians

SJJ Productions will book all musicians for the show.

With social distancing in mind the stage size would allow all performers to be at least six feet apart. Hence, there would be a limit to the type of performing acts -solo, duo, trio and possibly a quartet.

For the 2 hour show , there would be two acts. Each act would play a 50 minute set. Ex. Act 1 – 5 PM – 5:50 PM, Act 2 6:10 to 7 PM. Actual times will depend on the 2 hour time slot selected.

Covid-19 related considerations

People must be masked ( masks will be available to attendees not arriving with one ) when walking to the Port-a-John  and while waiting in line at the Port-a-John.

All staff will be masked. Face shields will be worn by ticket takers.

We will communicate with the local Board of Health for up-to-date guidelines.

Staffing provided by SJJ Productions

Ticket taker at entrance – pass out masks if requested

Car ushers



Port-a-John attendant – sanitize after each use, sanitizer available for user

Ticket Pricing

Pricing will be on a per car basis, not per person – a fixed fee to be determined per show. Ex. $70 per car

Ticket Buying Process provided by SJJ Productions

All sales are online. Cars will present a copy of their e-mail confirmation to be admitted.

If the parking spaces are not sold out at show time, at-the-gate sales could be available.